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  Welcome to Regordane Info, the portal for The Regordane or the Saint-Giles Way in France. This forgotten trail was once the fourth most important pilgrimage in Christendom; its re-discovery is long overdue.

The Regordane is arguably the single most important hiking trail in France and a trek that has had the greatest influence on French history and the development of modern France. Walking it is a rare opportunity to enjoy a masterclass on one thousand years of French history.

The Regordane and the newly-launched GR700 are not synonymous, and the latter is open to criticism as being a somewhat cosmetic version of the medieval Regordane Way. Nevertheless, hikers need to eat, drink and sleep, and doubtless the pilgrims who trod the sacred path of the original trail would have also had such basic needs in mind.

The objective of this site is to whet the appetite of the discerning hiker in order that she or he might walk again this vital historical artery. What was a key route for pilgrimage, trade and the propagation of new ideas can then enjoy a re-birth and take its rightful place in the modern world alongside other key European Cultural Routes.

As little as sixty years ago, those in distress whilst walking along this trail would have been asked their religion first before being given assistance. Walkers are much more enlightened nowadays, and the renaissance of The Regordane is one also borne out of a spirit of ecumenicalism this time round. As for those wishing to explore and thus keep open the medieval paths that still exist, the English-speaking authorities on the Regordane Way will be more than happy to oblige; for to ignore these authentic and more important tracts is to consign them forever to the cultural graveyard.

“Walk The Regordane lest we forget!

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